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Gee Brothers was started unintentionally when founder Andrew Pearson-Gee’s father gave him a small Adana printing press for his 7th birthday. What started as a game ended up tempting him away from chartered surveying to start Gee Brothers full-time in 1975.The Printers based in London

It has been a family company from the outset with almost every family member working in it at some stage. It became Gee Brothers by name in 1999 when Andrew’s brother William left the Army and joined. Although William has now left and is a minister in the Church of England, he keeps in close touch with his brother.

The company has grown organically since its inception and has built up an enviable reputation for high quality and excellent service. There are 15 people involved in the business which is based on one site in Battersea.

Customer service is key to the Company’s success, and the staffing ratio between customer support and printing, shows how much it invests in providing its customers with a first-class service.


A: 221 St John's Hill, London SW11 1TH

T: 020 7228 4081 


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